Unique kundan artificial jewellery set designs for every Occasion with Swarajshop

Unique kundan artificial jewellery set designs for every Occasion with Swarajshop

Let’s read below the different kinds of kundan artificial jewellery set that women love to pair with their colorful attires.

Kundan bridal choker set to combine with Gold-plated :

During weddings, celebrations, and other events, a special piece of jewelry is made by combining gold with Kundan. The craftsmanship and unique ways that gemstones are created with gold speak to the genuine beauty of Kundan jewelry. Gold and kundan artificial jewellery set add glitz and make you the event’s charmer. Kundan jewellery is stunning and goes nicely with ethnic clothing like saris, lehengas, and indo-western gowns.

Meenakari kundan-Embellished Gold Necklace

Meenakari & Kundan art is well-known in Rajasthan. This one-of-a-kind piece features extensive enamel painting and coloring on the metal surface using vibrant colors and incredibly intricate designs. For intimate gatherings, nighttime celebrations, etc., gold necklaces with gorgeous Meenakari motifs look wonderful with sarees and ethnic clothes. These are classy and gorgeous, and you may use the image to replicate the most recent gold necklace style. The kundan dulhan jewellery set with Meenakari work is famous in 2023, and the most beloved preference of brides.

Jadau kundan artificial jewellery set:

The Jadau & kundan artificial jewellery set collections are essential for any bridal jewellery collection. Jadau is a brand of high-end jewelry made with skill in Northern India. On the other side, Jadau, a form of jewelry popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan, has been there since the Mughal era. Jadau items are created with priceless, premium stones that are carved with extraordinary precision and skillfully set in pure golden necklaces for the ideal royal look.

Gold Temple south indian jewellery:

Refined gold-plated is used to make temple necklaces in artificial jewellery, which are made to imitate South Indian culture and heritage. The south indian necklace is incredibly skillfully made, and the artwork is inspired by an ancient temple. The jewelry has engravings of god-goddess images or figures. The forms, patterns, and shapes are significantly dissimilar from those of other types of jewelry. These jewelry items are exquisite. The pure gold used to create temple necklaces has a brilliant luster, brilliance, and elegant design.

Pearl kundan set

It’s beautiful to see pearls. Pearl Kundan jewellery is a symbol of refinement, charm, and elegance. Crystals provide the necklace, along with the pearls, with a truly beautiful appearance. Queens and princesses have treasured pearl and kundan artificial jewellery set as companions since ancient times. Gemstones have recently become associated with the manufacture of jewellery. As a result, incorporating pearls and crystals in necklaces can be modern while still looking regal.

Heavy work kundan wedding jewellery

Kundan set for marriage heavy work necklaces are an essential component of weddings and other rites. The bridal trousseau must include a gold necklace, which is also required jewelry for Indian celebrations. Brides adore wearing elaborately crafted gold jewellery. You look stunning when wearing a silk saree with chunky Kundan jewellery.

An attractive kundan necklace worn with a saree gives attractiveness. For a “Special Day” style, pair it with long earrings, jhumkas, and maang tikka.

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Kundan artificial jewellery set is the 2023 Trend why?

Some reasons why some people may consider Kundan artificial jewelry to be the best:

  1. Authentic Look: Kundan jewelry is crafted to mimic the traditional look of Kundan jewelry, which is made with precious stones and gold. The styles and designs of Kundan jewelry are timeless, which makes artificial jewelry perfect for special occasions.
  2. Affordable: Kundan offers the same elegant look at a fraction of the cost of real Kundan jewelry. This makes it a perfect choice for budget-conscious people who want to look stylish without breaking the bank.
  3. Lightweight: This artificial jewellery is lightweight and easy to wear for an extended time. Unlike heavy gold or stone jewelry, Kundan artificial jewelry won’t weigh down your neck or wrist, and you can wear it comfortably all day long.
  4. Variety: Kundan comes in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, which enables you to find something unique to match your outfit or personal style.
  5. Durable: This jewellery is made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage, making it a long-lasting investment that you can cherish for years to come.

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