How Do You Save A Video On Facebook To Your Phone Gallery? (Explained!)

It is almost impractical to find someone who needs to learn about Facebook among the millions of people worldwide. Facebook allows users to share posts, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own reflections and opinions with however many people they like. In short, Facebook is a platform that fractures the monotony of our lives.

As we already know, we can watch and save Facebook videos directly from its platform. Because it already has a feature option to save videos, the drawback is that we can’t watch these videos offline and we can’t save videos directly to our gallery. So guys, how do we save a video on Facebook to our phone gallery? Or how to save fb videos for free? Now, I explained the methods that I have discovered from my experience to save Facebook videos directly to our phone gallery. Here is my Facebook journey!

From my own viewpoint, methods to save Facebook videos on Facebook to our phone gallery,

  1. Download FB videos without any software
  2. Changing the video URL
  3. Use online downloaders
  4. Using third-party apps
  5. Siri shortcut method
  6. Screen recorder method

So, read this explanation and find out all the methods to download Facebook videos from Facebook to your phone gallery. Don’t disregard a single method!

Explaining my journey with these Facebook video download methods

Download FB videos without any software

This is a proper method to save Facebook videos from Facebook to your gallery directly. This is a straightforward method to save FB videos without any requirements. Firstly, open the FB and browse the video. Then, click the “Show video” icon and copy the video URL. Open a new tab and paste the video link. Then, click on save the video. Now the video will automatically be saved in your gallery


  • This is a very simple method and anyone can easily try the method
  • It has no hidden charges
  • You don’t have to install any special software or requirement


  • You can’t download videos in High Definition quality
  • Only useful for Android device users
  • This method gets a long time for downloading videos

Changing the video URL

This is another method for saving videos directly from Facebook to your gallery without any installations, subscriptions, or requirements. It is a very easy method and I hope you will understand this method quickly. I assume, this method is a better method for you! Just go to FB and select the video. And copy the video URL and paste it to a new tab. Replace the www in the URL with “mbasic”.

Or you can replace the www in the URL with “m”. These two methods are straightforward to try.


  • Easy to use
  • Properly work with any Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • No required installations, subscriptions, or requirements
  • Fastest method


  • Decrease the quality of the video, because it has no High Definition quality video download feature

Use online downloaders


This is a better online downloader to download FB videos. It properly works on Android and iPhones.


  • It is a free app
  • Fastest download speed


  • This app does not work on the Safari web browser. So you have to install Firefox on your iOS devices
  • Only available for non-Samsung devices



  • This app provides flexible download choices for its users
  • Free app


  • GetFVid doesn’t support your mobile web browser, especially if you are using a lightweight browser


This is a special app! I accidentally tried this app and I have found more features than other methods. FDownloader has many special features and not much of a drawback. I think you will also really love this app when you try it once.


  • Entirely free app
  • Compatible with any device platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Require no subscriptions, downloads, and installations
  • Instant download in an only one click
  • You can download HD and FHD quality videos so you can upload Facebook videos on any other social media site with a high quality
  • Works with any web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, etc without any doubt
  • It has a feature option to download live videos
  • Fastest downloading speed
  • No annoying ads on this app
  • Free from viruses and malware
  • Comes with a very user-friendly and simple interface so anyone can easily use this app
  • Constantly modernizing with the latest features


No cons

Using third-party apps

My Media

This is a free third-party app that is only designed for iOS devices.


  • Entirely free
  • You can download high-definition quality videos


  • Only available for iOS devices


Facebook++ is a third-party app that is available for any Android, iOS, and PC device. It is also free and easy to use.


  • Free app
  • Works with any device platform


  • You should have to uninstall the original Facebook app to install this app on your device. So, I think this is not a proper third-party app for you

Siri shortcut method

When we say the Siri shortcut method, we know this is a feature coming for only Apple devices. It is a very easy method for iPhone users. You can easily save Facebook videos from Facebook to your gallery.


  • Easy method and completely free method
  • Does not require any special technical knowledge


  • Only available for Apple device

Screen recorder method

There is no special difference in this method. This screen recorder method is coming for iOS devices especially. You just have to simply click the “screen recorder” icon. Then, the video will automatically record and save on your gallery.


  • Simple method and with a few steps you can record a video
  • Don’t need to install any app or software


  • We can’t download high-quality videos because the entire screen is recorded
  • Decrease the quality of the video
  • Only compatible with iOS devices


Facebook is the largest social media platform and it has millions of downloads in the Google Play Store. So, many people are trying to find some ways to save videos from Facebook to their gallery directly. Here is my experience with these methods and I think this article will help you! The way I see it, all these methods are better but try yourself and choose the best one for you!


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