Which Is The Safest Mobile Phone Operating System?

Worldwide, there are over 6 billion smartphone users. It is the most used smart device and will continue to be forever. However, as we move towards a digital future, security and privacy keep rising as the top concern. And in the case of smartphones, it starts with the operating system.

Today, the top two operating systems are iOS for Apple iPhones and Android OS for every other phone. Of course, the first step towards great security is the choice of connection. Getting services from a reliable internet connectivity provider with the highest security standards ensures you remain safe on the internet for the most part.

The next step is choosing the right phone with the right operating system that suits your needs. Considering how important cybersecurity is these days, it is crucial to evaluate your smartphone choice accordingly. However, the choice is not difficult as the competitors are only Android and iOS. So, let us find out which one offers better security standards.

Is iOS A Safe Operating System?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the iOS operating system for iPhones.


The first and biggest advantage of iOS is that Apple only shares the source code with a selected few of its own. They work according to specific guidelines and only remain between them and Apple.

The close source code policy of Apple keeps it safe from every other developer, and only a selected few can make changes to it. As a result, it makes it safe from the eyes of hackers and other viruses.

The overall security of Apple is much better, as it offers features like Private Relay to protect you on Safari, Hide my Email to avoid giving out original email, and Don’t Track to prevent apps from tracking you. Moreover, its lock security is the best, and iCloud locks are nearly impossible to break.

Finally, iOS is much faster and better optimized than any other device operating system.


Moving over to the disadvantages, the only prominent disadvantage of the OS is its small development community. Unfortunately, Apple is strict about who gets access to its code, so there is no other way around it.

Another disadvantage is that you only have apps or software that Apple provides on the app store. No one other than Apple’s selected few can develop its code, and that too requires authorization and Apple’s permission.

Is Android A Safe Operating System?

Now, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the Android operating system.


The biggest advantage of Android over iOS is its large development community. Being an open-source platform, any developer can learn, understand and report the code. Moreover, there are likely to be more solutions for malfunctions than Apple.

Another benefit of Android is that you can encrypt whatever files you want. Also, you can install apps from third-party stores like GetJar.

Android has more freedom for customizability and settings, and from themes to icons, you can literally change everything.


Due to Android being an open-source platform and offering more freedom, it lacks the amount of security that Apple has. As a result, it is more vulnerable to viruses and a likely target for hackers.

Another disadvantage is that since anyone can make changes to its source code, there is a higher risk of malware. Any hacker can develop a hack code and integrate it into a file. When you download or open that file, you fall into the hacker’s trap.

Final Summary

Although neither Android nor iOS is 100% secure, we recommend Apple. The main reason for this is that only Apple has access to its source code, and no one else can make changes. On the other hand, Android’s open source and freedom quality make it less secure.

Still, the best way to protect yourself is to add as many security layers as possible. The first layer is getting secure and high-speed internet from a trusted provider. It will help set up the initial layer of security.

Finally, choose a phone according to your needs. If you want more control over your phone, then Android is the clear winner, while Apple takes the lead in pretty much everything else. Most people use both phones; one for casual or gaming and another for business and professional use. The choice is yours, but security is a must – no matter what.

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