Vastu Tips for an Inviting Home Entrance: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to a journey where the harmony of your home begins right at the entrance! Understanding the significance of Vastu for the home entrance is key, especially when building or buying a new property. Seeking advice from an experienced vastu consultant can provide expert guidance in creating a harmonious living environment.

Creating a Positive Entrance:

Ensuring that your home entrance aligns with Vastu principles is crucial for attracting positive energies. Let’s explore essential aspects to consider for a peaceful and lucky home entrance.

Vastu Analysis:

Homes can face different directions, and it’s vital for a Vastu expert to analyze if the entrance in that direction is beneficial. Contrary to common belief, not all East-facing gates are automatically auspicious. Similarly, not all South-facing entrances are negative.

Main Entrance Size:

Optimize prosperity and good health by choosing the perfect main door size according to Vastu principles. A grand main door with a design featuring two parts brings good luck. Elevate the height of your main door for enhanced Vastu benefits, and remember, keeping the exit door smaller contributes to a harmonious living space.

Enhancing Positive Vibes:

Designing an inviting house entrance is not just about aesthetics but also about contributing to positive vibes within your home.

Strategic Plant Placement:

Placing pots of plants strategically on either side of gates facing East or South can bring fruitful energy to your home. Avoid dried or dead plants, as they may attract negative Vastu influences.

Religious Symbols:

Elevate the aura of your home entrance by incorporating religious symbols such as the ‘Swastik’ or ‘Om’ sign. These symbols hold significant positive energy, contributing to a harmonious and positive influence within your house.

Ganesha Statues Belong in Temples:

Contrary to popular belief, placing a statue of Lord Ganesha at your entrance is not considered auspicious as per Vastu. It’s advisable to refrain from this practice to ensure Vastu arrangements align with authentic principles.

Avoid Creaking Doors:

Ensure your home entrance aligns with Vastu principles by avoiding creaking doors and selecting colors in compliance with Vastu guidelines.

Energize Main Door with Vastu Decor & Colour:

Choose Vastu-approved decor and colors for your main door. Neutral colors are a safe choice, and ensure that mats at the entrance don’t display any religious symbols.

Elevate Positive Vibes with Art:

Adorn entrance walls with cheerful, motivational posters, and inspiring paintings to enhance positive vibes in your home.


These Vastu tips for the main entrance serve as a guide to creating a harmonious and positive living space. For more in-depth knowledge on Vastu and expert advice, visit Vasudevaya Namah. Share this valuable information with your loved ones to help them create Vastu-compliant homes. If you seek further assistance, contact us for expert evaluation of your home’s Vastu. Explore our site for a wealth of information on Vastu principles and their applications. Until then, stay tuned for more enlightening content.

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