How Can Fleet Management Software Provide Visibility in Supply Chain

Fleet managers desire visibility because they have to manage remote vehicles. They need for visibility to ensure the success of the fleet operations. What managers need is not only the live location but also additional information as well. That is possible only when the fleet businesses shift their operation to fleet monitoring software.

The supply chain industry needs to make the most of the available resources, as humans, trucks, and fuel are expensive. The fleet management software has solutions that provide detailed visibility of the trip. This helps to avoid wastage and allocate them most efficiently.

Why Do Fleet Managers Need Visibility in the Supply Chain?

The fleet businesses are assigned to carry customers’ consignments in the supply chain. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary for managers to have visibility of their vehicles. Only when they have the accurate live location of the trucks can they guarantee on-time and safe delivery of the goods. In addition, visibility can help maintain good customer relations.

Visibility becomes even more essential when it provides fleet managers with a sense of safety of the consignment and vehicle health, both internally and externally. Through advanced technology and GPS tracking, managers can even gain and share accurate ETAs.

What is the Benefit of Visibility?

Poor or lack of visibility can be harmful to supply chain businesses as it might hamper many of its functions. But with advanced technology like telematics software, the industry is able to automate its operations and gain total visibility. With the benefits of total visibility, companies are able to beat the competition, serve customers better, and mitigate various challenges. Visibility offers multiple benefits to supply chain businesses.

Mitigate Challenges

Visibility helps logistics businesses to avoid hurdles of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that might arise without warning. Unfortunately, all these have a negative effect on the business’s growth and reputation.

Data-driven Decision  Making

Fleet managers are able to gain detailed insights into the operation and fleet trip, and through analysis of this data, they can make decisions confidently. These insights, managers’ experience, and intelligence together can help make correct decisions. The data provided is accurate and segregated into columns like route management, driver performance, scheduled maintenance, etc. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customers nowadays are more aware and conscious of their choices. Therefore there is a constant need to resolve their queries instantly. And since manufacturers trust fleet companies to carry their goods worth millions, they would expect first-class security and a guarantee of safe and timely delivery.

Fleet management software provides real time visibility, consignment safety, and secured delivery along with PODs and ETAs, which help to satisfy customers.

Streamline Operation

Manually monitoring and managing the operation can be both time and effort taxing for managers. But through automation, supply chain operation gets decentralized with real time visibility at all levels. Managers can remotely track and manage their fleet. This helps to free up a lot of time for other important tasks. Also, since the software is flexible, it can be incorporated with other management software through API.

What is Fleet Management Software?

The fleet management system is software that can be used to provide clear cut visibility of the fleet to the supply chain businesses. Using it can be beneficial for logistics companies on a very large scale. It automates fleet operation, and companies can save a large amount of fuel, costs, and time using its solution. 

It even helps to prevent or manage anomalies that might occur during the trip. Using it, managers gain a lot of insights that are used to manage the asset and the vehicles on the trip in a much more efficient manner. It even helps to ensure that the drivers are productive during the trip. 

How Does Fleet Management Software Provide Visibility?

The solutions that the fleet monitoring software provides the logistics companies with are essential to managing the fleet trip and ensuring its success. These solutions provide data on almost all aspects of the trip in real time. 

Video Telematics Software

Through video telematics software, managers can visually supervise their fleet and drivers through mounted dashcams facing the road and the driver. Through ADAS and DMS, managers are notified if the driver is drunk, drowsy, or distracted while driving. Even when there is a collision about to happen, managers get real time preventive alerts. 

Route Planning and Management Software

Managers can automate route planning software through this solution. And for frequent trips, the route can be saved as well. Using the software, fleet operators can even create trips along with geo-fencing important stops and locations. In addition, managers receive real time alerts whenever a vehicle deviates from the set path.

Fuel Monitoring System

Monitor the fuel consumption of each vehicle. Also, managers get instant alerts if there is a sudden drop or spike in the level of fuel. This helps to prevent fuel pilferage.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Using telematics software, logistics company managers can monitor the driving skills of the drivers. This helps to weed out bad drivers from the good ones. In addition, managers are notified of the events like harsh braking, accelerating, and cornering that occur during the trip.

Live Tracking

Through GPS tracking, managers are able to live track their vehicles, equipment, and consignments in real time. This helps guarantee the consignment’s safe delivery and communicate ETAs to customers accurately.

Analytical Reports

The fleet management software provides fleet managers with real time automated reports. These reports contain real time data on the whole operation. It is beneficial for managers as they can accurately measure the events, fuel consumed, or expenses incurred. The reports even contain information on driver behavior and a lot more.

Gain Visibility Of Supply Chain With TrackoField

There has been a growing demand for best fleet management software, which is beneficial for the supply chain management. The data and insights it provides are of great value as the company is able to make well-informed decisions on its basis. Even they are able to save a lot of time, effort, and money. 

TrackoBit is a fleet management software that offers fleet managers through its solutions like fuel monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, analytical reports, etc., you get way more than you asked for.

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