What are the Steps to Enable the Disabled Uber Account?

You are an uber driver and trying to get some customers for you to earn money but your Uber account is disabled? Not sure about the reasons? Don’t worry sometimes this happens, to resolve this problem first you have to know the exact reason why you are facing this issue?

Reason Behind Uber Account Deactivation

Feeling frustrating, want to know the exact reason behind your Uber account deactivation? The reasons are countless. But mostly this issue occurs due to violating Uber terms and laws. Be calm and relaxed because many issues can be resolved easily. To solve these issues first you have to be clear about the reasons that have occurred for you.

  • Getting low ratings continuously from the customer’s side.
  • Canceling the ride frequently will cause this problem too.
  • Avoid taking passengers’ offers to take the ride.
  • You have not followed Uber’s Code of Conduct properly.
  • Passengers have filed Complaints against you.
  • Your documents have expired.
  • Provided wrong personal and vehicle information.
  • Engaged in fraudulent activities.
  • Inaccurate Personal or Vehicle Information.

Getting confuse? Don’t be panicked once your account will be deactivated by the officials then you will receive a pop-up message popup explaining the reasons that result in deactivating your uber driver account. “The partner account you drive under has been disabled” or “Your account has been place on hold” and “You are waitlist”.

Step to Reactivate Uber Account

In case, you are an Uber passenger or Driver and your uber account is deactivated due to the above-mentioned points then you will receive a notification regarding account deactivation from the Uber support team then. We will discuss how to Reactivate the Uber Account.

  1. You have to open the browser and visit the website (“Uber.help.com’.Open Uber”: 
  2. Now go to the settings option and search for the ‘accounts and payments’ option. 
  3. Now click on the ‘I can’t sign in to my account option to initiate the process. 
  4. Now you will be redirect to the new pages and try to fill in all the require information such as your name, phone number, mention about the last two rides, and email address. Click on the submit option.
  5. Now, wait for the Uber officials to report to you about the issues you are facing.
  6. Now you will get back your account in 2 working days, once the issues will be resolve by the executive.

Leaving any required field empty and providing wrong information about yourself will make your wait longer. So always try to provide correct information to the officials. You can also contact Uber via these sources.

  • Phone number: (800) 593-7069
  • Email support: [email protected]
  • Help portal: help.uber.com.

It is very important for the driver to avoid such activities that can lead to deactivating their uber account. We will provide some useful tips which will be useful for you every time.

  • Neither you nor the passenger can be allow to create a mess inside the vehicle. Always try to keep your car clean and hygienic.
  • Must have Friendly and helping nature toward the passenger. 
  • Always avoid using your phone while driving.
  • Always take a time off between 2 rides to calm your mind and relax your body.

Now you can easily resolve your issues regarding a disabled uber account. Try to be calm and patient while recovering your account or talking with the Uber support service.

Try to be honest with your uber company, never try to cheat while getting a ride through Uber App. Whether you are a driver or rider, you have to be kind, respectful, and safe with each other, and never share your personal details. Get to know all about uber need to visit our blog ityug247.

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