Top 10 Extra-curricular Activities for Primary School Students to Enhance Their Learning Experience

The co-curricular activities are as significant as academics for a child. It contributes to making the child self-confident and improves his social skills exponentially. Moreover, a child can learn multiple life skills, like critical thinking and problem-solving, through these co-curricular activities.

Therefore, every Abu Dhabi Indian school encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities to effortlessly support their holistic growth. Even the parents choose schools that offer these activities and don’t keep Indian high school Abu Dhabi fees as their deciding factor.

Top 10 co-curricular activities for primary school students

Let us discuss some activities parents and teachers can plan for primary school students.


Identify which sport fascinates the child the most and encourage him to participate. Then, allow them to explore the options and try different sports before deciding which one they want to play. Sports help develop essential skills like teamwork and decision-making. Moreover, it has a positive impact on the physical health of children.


It is one of the calming activities that is entertaining and educating at the same time. Students can start pursuing this as a hobby at any age, and if they get skilled in it, they can even plan to turn it into a profession.


Many schools plan volunteering activities and events and link them with some social cause. It develops a sense of empathy in children and motivates them to build a community of like-minded people who can bring about change.

Book Club

Reading has a significant impact on children. It improves their intellect, gives them more awareness of the outside world, and brushes their vocabulary many folds. Schools can form book clubs and encourage children to be active members.

Learning a foreign language

Learning an additional language is always a plus! So, if the Abu Dhabi Indian School provides this course as an extra-curricular activity, nothing like it! It will provide a much-needed escape from the curriculum, ensuring the learning process continues.

Learning an Instrument

Feed the creative side of children and allow them to learn a musical instrument. Connecting children to music gives them a way to beat everyday stress. Moreover, it is an extra-curricular activity that can turn into a passion and then a profession pretty conveniently.

Sketching or drawing

For young children, sketching, painting, or drawing is an activity that boosts their creative thinking skills. It also hones their cognitive skills and de-stress their mind after a day of academic learning.


Almost every school holds dance classes for its students. Grooving to the melodies helps students relax, uplifting their mood instantly. So, opt for a dance class if you want your child to stay active, alert, and agile.

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Students above three years of age can also participate in theatrical activities. It supports their socio-emotional development, and if they develop an inclination towards this field, who knows, they might become the superstars of tomorrow!

 Environment Club

Many schools organize environment clubs to spread awareness about the surroundings. Moreover, it is also an extra-curricular activity that helps in the holistic development of students.

Schools can opt for any or all of these activities as a part of their student extra-curricular practices. However, they should also motivate them to participate in these and observe fruitful changes in their physical and mental growth.

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