This Muslimah Fashion Brand Continues to Innovate

Muslim fashion illustration. (Photo: Instagram)

Fashion does not die. Yes, there are always innovations and updates in the fashion world. The development of the times always has an impact on lifestyle changes and also the style of dress. Therefore the world of fashion is a business arena that is constantly evolving and undergoing continuous changes along with the development of society.

“Jihansyakira is always committed to providing high-quality fashion products at the best prices and values,” said Bahita Masudah, founder and Creative Director of Jihansyakira, in a statement. This vintage style brand is suitable for any event and at any time.

What makes Jihansyakira grow rapidly is because the prices are affordable for the wider community and have also been used by various models and celebrities.

Bahita said that the Jihansyakira brand came from the anxiety of choosing affordable, suitable clothes for special events but still look relaxed and of high quality. He is often confused about what to wear to attend the application, marriage contract, aqiqah, to tasyakuran. Bahita thought these special events should be observed with unique clothes as well.

Since high school (SMA) and her husband’s support, she has been determined to design her unique clothes with her passion for fashion. Starting from trial and error, Bahita also ventured to sell his work to the online market in 2012. Unexpectedly, the Bahita business bore fruit and multiplied in Indonesia.

“For me, the clothes are not only good looking but also comfortable and make the wearer feel confident,” said Bahita. Since the beginning, Jihansyakira, who has an Instagram account, comes with a vintage style so that it doesn’t go out of style. Not only that, a touch of premium brocade and lace makes Jihansyakira’s products unique and suitable for special occasions. Some of Jihansyakira’s signature timeless vintage designs can be found in Laura Dress, Syakira Dress, and Zahida Dress products.

If you look at Jihansyakira’s Instagram account, a product that many customers have used, this is also suitable for traveling, picnics, and other daily activities.

Bahita said he was very grateful for Jihansyakira’s development. As a form of gratitude, Jihansyakira. Id held a social program entitled “Jihansyakira Sharing Together.” Through this program, Jihansyakira distributed hundreds of packages of boxed rice and necessities to help residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This activity is still ongoing until now every week.

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