The Essential Guide to Professional Headshots in Austin

A professional headshot in Austin showcases you at your best and creates a strong first impression, whether online, in print, or at networking events. For professionals and business owners in Austin looking to update their image, here is an overview of how to get quality headshots locally.

Why Invest in Professional Headshots?

Great headshots offer many advantages:

  • Credibility – A polished, professional photo builds authority and trustworthiness. This helps attract prospects.
  • Memorability – Quality photos help people remember you when networking and applying for jobs or contracts.
  • First impressions – On resumes, websites, and social media, a headshot shapes how clients, employers, and connections perceive you in that critical first interaction.
  • Consistency – Professional photos ensure you present a consistent personal brand across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, your website, print materials, and more.
  • Confidence – Professional hair, makeup, posing, and retouching helps you look and feel your best. This reflects in the photos.

Simply put, standout headshots are vital personal marketing tools for today’s professionals and businesspeople.

Things to Wear for Headshot Photos

What you wear plays a big role. Aim for these wardrobe tips:

  • Business attire – Suits, blazers, and dresses convey professionalism and authority. Solid colors flatter most.
  • Minimal patterns – Small prints or pinstripes work better than large, distracting patterns. Avoid stripes.
  • Neutral tones – Black, navy, gray, and brown photograph well and project confidence.
  • Well-fitting – Clothes should fit your frame smoothly without pulling or sagging.
  • Collared shirts – Crisp collared shirts and blouses neaten the look for men and women.
  • Limited accessories – Remove bulky jewelry. Men should wear minimal cufflinks, tie clips or pins.

Bring extra outfits and accessories to choose what works best for you. Your photographer can help select the most flattering options.

How to Find a Professional Headshot Photographer in Austin

With endless photographer options in Austin, narrow down your search:

  • Focus on headshot pros – Search professional directories like LinkedIn to find specialists experienced in headshots over general portrait photographers.
  • Check their portfolio – Browse their website and social media to evaluate consistency, image quality, poses, and editing style.
  • Read reviews – Search reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp for professionalism, satisfaction rates, and responsiveness.
  • Find their studio – Look for a clean, modern studio with options for backgrounds and lighting. Outdoor sessions also available.
  • Ask about equipment – Confirm they use high-end DSLR cameras, lenses, lighting, and editing software.

Taking time to find the right headshot photographer leads to better results.

What to Expect During the Headshot Session

During your session, the photographer will:

  • Discuss your goals, ideal image, preferred headshot uses, and more. Review any photography contract or release.
  • Consider your features and direct appropriate posing – chin angle, shoulder position, facial expression, etc.
  • Provide guidance interacting genuinely with camera -Think of happy memories to project warm, natural smiles.
  • Check lighting is flattering and change backgrounds for variety.
  • Do some more candid shots between posed photos.
  • Show you sample photos as you go so you can request adjustments.
  • Offer outfit changes, touch-ups, and props if part of your package.

Communicate any specific needs or concerns. A professional photographer makes sure you look your best.

How Photographers Retouch and Edit Photos

After your session, your photographer will meticulously retouch and edit the photos using software like Photoshop and Lightroom to:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, colors, and skin tones for optimum clarity and a natural yet polished look.
  • Carefully smooth skin while retaining your features and expressions.
  • Minimize background distractions and blemishes.
  • Sharpen details like eyes and hair for added polish.
  • Correct red eye digitally if needed.
  • Choose the correctly sized image ratio – vertical, horizontal, or square based on intended use.
  • Add your name, logo, or other text per your request.

Skilled editing enhances your photos while still looking natural and professional.

What to Budget for Professional Headshots

Pricing varies based on:

  • Session length – 30 minutes to 2 hours usually
  • Shooting location – Studio, outdoor, corporate site
  • Image number – 10-30+ finished digital files
  • Image usage rights – Print, web, commercial
  • Retouching extent – Basic or premium
  • Extra services – Hair, makeup, clothing assistance
  • Package options – A la carte, bundles

Expect to invest $400-$800 on average. Consider the long-term value of quality photos conveying confidence and credibility.


Great headshots showcase you at your best while reflecting your unique personal brand and expertise. Partnering with a professional Austin photographer experienced in portraiture, posing, flattering lighting, and technical edits provides lasting headshots suitable for any purpose. Take time to find the right photographer and prepare your optimal look. Your investment in a professional-grade headshot maximizes your visibility and opportunities.

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