Premium Muslim Clothing Collection Presents at Si.Se.Sa. Boutique

The model brings the latest collection of Muslim fashion Si.Se.Sa at the grand opening of the boutique in Jakarta

Surabaya: Si.Se.Sa has re-established its brand as a leading syar’i Muslim fashion product in Asia. Recently, the Swarovski license holder opened a boutique restaurant in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/10/2021).

The grand opening took place on Wednesday (20/10/2021) yesterday. There are several new collections of Si.Se.Sa Man with casual and semi-casual designs, Muslim and sport home dress clothes.

The Si.Se.Sa collection is indeed a limited edition with a sprinkling of Swarovski. This brand will also soon develop a food and beverage business line at Butiq Resto Jakarta.

The Grand Opening of the Si.Se.Sa Boutique in Jakarta involved several celebrities and was carried out with strict health protocols. A total of 55 latest premium fashion designs typical of Si.Se.Sa are ready to compete in the international market.

The Muslim fashion band that carries the tagline Indonesia’s leading syar’i again greets its loyal customers or Si.Se.Sa lovers with the launch of 55 new premium clothing designs, as well as marking the grand opening of the Si.Se.Sa boutique on Jalan Prapanca Raya No. 114-115, Kebayoran New – South Jakarta.

The reopening of the boutique and the launch of this latest collection simultaneously prove the resilience of the Islamic Muslim fashion business during the pandemic, as well as underline Si.Se.Sa’s creativity that never stops growing.

“This year is even more special because Si.Se.Sa is even ten years old in meeting the needs of the deluxe ready-to-wear syar’i Muslim fashion market. For us, there is no stop or despair in working, including in a pandemic situation with all its limitations, which triggers Si.Se.Sa to continue to be able to provide a syar’i dress experience while remaining fashionable, comfortable and elegant, “said Merry Pramono, senior fashion designer and advisor to Si.Se.Sa.

In addition to premium materials and, of course, high-quality stitching, Si.Se.Sa, as the only Muslim fashion brand that holds a Swarovski co-branding partner license, re-embeds its trademark by using Swarovski in its entire collection.

“We always offer the best for all Si.Se.Sa lovers wherever they are. In addition to the new boutique look ready to pamper customers, we also ensure that all our collections are guaranteed quality and premiumness. 

Even all Swarovski crystals for Si.Se.Sa are designed directly by the Swarovski team in Austria. In addition, we also offer a comfortable shopping experience through the new face of our boutique. Today’s grand opening is also a cure for homesickness after two years without fashion show

activities, as well as a means of gathering Si.Se.Sa with loyal customers who have been waiting for the latest collections,” said Siriz Tentani as Head of Business & Development Si.Se. Sa.

The halal cosmetic brand, Wardah, fully supports the fashion show for the new Si.Se.Sa collection. Since the beginning of his work, Si.Se.Sa has always collaborated with Wardah, who has a business breath and a vision that goes hand in hand.

The determination to make the creative industry proud in the country and to prove that the halal industry is a promising market is what these two big brands have in common.

The support from Wardah made Si.Se.Sa increasingly prominent as a major player in the Muslim fashion business, which this time was shown through the charming appearance of the latest designs, which were also performed by several celebrities, such as Annisa Trihapsari, Irish Bella, and Dinda Hauw.

“We understand that in the current pandemic conditions, creativity, adaptation, and collaboration are the keys to continue to survive and even excel in the competition. Therefore, in addition to continuing our partnership with partners in line with the spirit of Si.Se.Sa, the grand opening of the Si.Se.Sa boutique, and the launch of a new collection this time, we also package it virtually.

This allows Si.Se.Sa lovers outside Jakarta and Indonesia to be still updated and enjoy special moments today. A total of 55 looks from 10 sequences from Si.Se.Sa’s latest collection were shown for the first time,” said Sansa Enandera, Head of Creative Si.Se.Sa.

Through his new designs, Si.Se.Sa proves that whatever his needs and momentum, Si.Se.Sa can be relied on as an elegant and comfortable outfit and, most importantly, covers his genitals according to the provisions. The latest sequences from Si.Se.Sa, which were launched at the grand opening of the Si.Se.Sa boutique in Jakarta today, consist of:

Home Dress

The Si.Se.Sa collection is designed with loose cuts and silhouettes and a girly model, with pastel-colored chiffon material for everyday wear. Two beautiful printing options are hand-drawing tulips and monograms that Si.Se.Sa lovers can choose, combined with khimar Bergo made from crepe.

Si.Se.Sa Sport

A more casual look with a sporty style and materials that absorb sweat to the maximum will be obtained in this collection. The jacket combined with dress and khimar made of t-shirt material looks attractive with a choice of dark or light colors such as mustard and navy blue.

Si.Se.Sa Man

This time, Si.Se.Sa also launched a collection for men, with two choices, namely Si.Se.Sa Man Casual with a polo shirt model combined with Si.Se.Sa’s signature colors; and Si.Se.Sa Men Semi-Casual for men’s clothing made of linen.

Abaya & French Khimar

This collection focuses on long khimar and loose abaya models made from chiffon in black and pastel colors. Abaya & French Khimar, typical of Si.Se.Sa, is designed so that it can be directly worn with the niqab model and is suitable to complement worship activities in the holy land. Si.Se.Sa lovers will also be pampered with an exquisite handmade embroidery-themed mosaic.

Floral Beach

Girly silhouettes are the mainstay in this collection, with bright and pastel colors in lightweight materials. Mix and match clothes with accessories for a vacation to the beach or the outdoors, and you can still wear them comfortably in the Si.Se.Sa floral beach sequence.


Nautical-themed printing motifs with bold colors are the hallmark of this collection. Si.Se.Sa’s creativity in “juggling” sailor clothing models to become syar’i clothing will be a unique experience for Si.Se.Sa lovers who wear them.

Sweet Rainbow

The stacked model design, made of premium chiffon with Swarovski, is elegant for a formal look for Si.Se.Sa lovers. The impression of elegance and comfort is undeniable in this collection that sticks with bright colors.

Si.Se.Sa Batik

The wealth of Indonesian waste in elegant syar’i clothing is created in this collection. It seems that batik can also be presented in a sweet feminine style with softer colors and light and comfortable materials.

Si.Se.Sa Wedding

Clothing for special moments with gray residents and full of Swarovski sprinkles deserves to be the dream of Muslim women everywhere. Looking beautiful in syar’i dress can now be realized by Si.Se.Sa lovers wherever they are.

Understanding the tastes and needs of customers is the key for Si.Se.Sa to survive and even continue to excel in its class.

“Since deciding to dress in syar’i about five years ago, my choice fell to Si.Se.Sa as a pioneer in syar’i Muslim clothing. Premium material, neat stitching details, luxurious but not overdone genuine Swarovski crystal cladding; makes me more comfortable wearing it. 

The various colors and models also make various ages can use Si.Se.Sa for various occasions. For me, Si.Se.Sa is not just clothes, but is a good symbol especially for Muslim women so that they can look beautiful, elegant, and comfortable by religious provisions,” said Anisa Trihapsari, a celebrity and one of the Si.Se.Sa lovers who have become a loyal customer.


Not only focusing on design, but Si.Se.Sa is also keen to see opportunities and the Muslim fashion market from the business side and is confident to bring Indonesia’s name to the world through the halal industry, mainly Muslim clothing. In Indonesia, Si.Se.Sa has 17 boutique branches spread across the cities: Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Palembang, Bandung, Lampung, Serang, Samarinda, Pontianak. Jambi, and Batam.

“We understand that Indonesia’s ranking is always in the top list of halal industry players in the world. This condition is certainly an opportunity that should not be allowed to pass. Si.Se.Sa is ready to support Indonesia’s industry to become more advanced and penetrate the international market. 

Supported by our readiness in terms of service, our customers in various countries in Southeast Asia can easily get the Si.Se.Sa collection as well as experience the shopping experience at our boutique through our website and social media accounts,” concluded Senaz Nasansia, Head of Finance & Marcomm Si.Se.Sa.

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