Let’s Peek 3 Cool Ways to Look Elegant to Attend Formal Events New Normal Version

The Fashion Knights (DFK) collection on the Jakarta Fashion Week runway. (JFW) 2021. (doc. Jakarta Fashion Week)

Fashion events, company meetings, seminars, workshops or workshops, and many other formal events have started to reopen since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the pandemic has not been 100 percent resolved, it seems that we have been able to adapt to situations like this, followed by health protocols that must be applied when we are out of the house.

The world’s prestigious fashion events such as the Met Gala and Fashion Week from various parts of the world have become an example of now is the time for us to prepare to start our activities again with a new look.

As reported by Fimela.com, Tuesday (10/19/2021), quoting from Zalora, there are several tips and tricks on still looking elegant in attending a formal plan of the new regular version. Curious about anything? Read more below.

1. Bold Eye Makeup But Still Flawless

The face is the main element in determining the elegant appearance of a woman. The type of facial makeup is one of the first steps that must be chosen.

To maintain their confidence, women are willing to spend hours on makeup until they can find the side they like, either by using the services of a professional makeup artist or their makeup.

Bold eye makeup but still flawless is now viral and loved by many women. This type of makeup does not create a menor impression but still looks elegant and firm. This makeup cook is used in attending weddings, formal events, parties at night, and various other events.

Focus on makeup in the eye area because the main point when interacting with other people in the eyes, especially during a pandemic like this, is required to wear a mask when leaving the house so that the interlocutor can see only the most prominent and conspicuous part of the eye.

2. Clothing by Designers or Famous Brands

Dolce & Gabbana clothing collection for pre-fall collection

At the 2021 Met Gala, Hollywood stars showed off clothing designed by various well-known American designers and brands. Like YSL, Fendi, Coach, Dior, Givenchy, Prada, and many others.

However, brands and designers in Indonesia have also improved their quality so that they are not inferior to other brands from Uncle Sam’s country, and of course, at very affordable prices.

Choosing the design and material for the best formal event will make your appearance more elegant, accompanied by increased self-confidence.

3. Supporting Accessories

For men who want to look elegant in a formal event that they will attend, usually, the clothes worn are not far from a suit or blazer with material pants and leather shoes or loafers.

Men’s accessories are essential to emphasize the elegant style of attending a formal event. Examples of supporting accessories that men can wear are clutches or watches. The two additions are still very suitable if you don’t want too excessive and still look simple.

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