Jihan Syakira launching the new collection

Muslim fashion designer Bahita Masudah has just unveiled her latest collection displaying his latest collection on his Instagram account Jihansyakira.id.

At the launch of the latest collection, Bahita said that this collection is called Rosemary Dress. The designer presents a choice of clothing, ranging from dresses with drawstring details on the sleeves, loose tunics with pleats details, palazzo pants with pockets, shirts, and uniforms for family members.

According to Bahita, the entire collection of clothes is made of satin silk and accented with Lace Tile Embroidery. Bahita claims the material is comfortable when used by all family members including children Bahita Masudah revealed the meaning behind the name of the latest collection of clothes that he released.

The name Rosemary means a great woman who is full of enthusiasm and has the spirit of a leader. He chose the name inspired by the story of the values ​​of life who dare to take risks in today’s life, about a woman who has a gentle attitude and sincerity in love.

Bahita further explained that the Rosemary collection had been prepared one year ago, since the Corona pandemic. He postponed the launch of his newest collection in 2021, due to the unstable economic situation due to the pandemic.

The prospective buyers revealed that this collection is based on the theme of modern culture, which is packaged with feminine looks and styles. Because the color is not just pastel. But more bright and cheerful.

I want something fun and brighter with a soft touch,” he explained. In addition to clothing, the Rosemary collection from Bahita Masudah also comes in the form of a mukena made from a combination of chiffon and cotton.
The latest collection of clothes in 2021 from Bahita Masudah will be officially released on May 16, 2021.

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