Increase Your Earnings in Online Ludo Games with the Best Strategies

Ludo online cash games are one of the best opportunities to earn big money while playing online games. But how do you increase your earnings with it? Using some of the best strategies, you can boost your earnings in any online game.

These strategies help you even more when you are familiar with the game. Hence, when you implement strategies, your chances of winning big money increase exponentially. 

Best Strategies for Making Big Money in Online Ludo Games

As with any other cash game, Ludo online cash games can be played for real money. To increase your income there, you must use specific strategies that have worked repeatedly. Some of these strategies include:

  • Strategise Before Playing a Single Chance

A key to winning any online game is having a strategy before you start playing the game. Irrespective of the kind of ludo game you are playing, a sensible strategy should include planning your moves and carrying a backup plan in case your outcome is unexpected. Such planning and consideration increase your chances of making good money.

  • Open all Your Tokens

Another ludo trick that will help you win big is getting all the tokens out of your home base as soon as possible. If you are using one or two tokens for moving forwards with each roll of the dice, then you might be taking unnecessary risks and might get eliminated by your opponent. 

If you open all your tokens, you get a higher flexibility of moving them around, particularly with a low number on the dice. Hence, you need to consider putting all your tokens in action instantaneously. 

  • Study your Opponent

One of the things you can do to have a good chance of winning at the ludo online cash game is to study the profiles of your opponent. But such a strategy can only be applicable if you know who your opponent will be. In that case, it assists with understanding your opponent’s playing style and skill sets. You can judge them easily by their record and how they have done so far in Ludo. 

  • Patience is a Virtue

One of the basic strategies that can help you increase your earnings with ludo games is through being patient. For example, if your tokens are on the star-shaped zones of the ludo board, then your opponent will be unable to eliminate you. Leaving your tokens in the safe zone is always better if your opponent’s tokens surround you. 

Instead, you can move your other tokens that may not be in the safe zone or at risk. Your patience ensures the safety of your tokens. Your tokens may return to base if you make a single wrong move. And then you get to start all over again. 

  • Focus More on Reaching Home than Eliminating Your Opponents

In a ludo online cash game, you need to think strategically before you move if you are close to home and have a chance of attacking your opponent. When eliminating your opponent’s token, you might get excited momentarily, but it should not hinder your progress towards reaching home. 


When playing the Ludo online cash game on the ludo money app, you can have many more strategies that may help you win big money. But in the end, you also need to consider whether you can develop unique Ludo Money app strategies that will be especially efficient for you. Moreover, one of the best strategies in any cash game, like the one offered by the Ludo Money app, is to practice as much as possible before playing for money.

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