In Turkey, You Can Shop While Watching Fashion Shows

Istanbul – Not only has historical buildings, Turkey also offers shopping tours. Some are packaged in a fashion show. 

While visiting Istanbul some time ago, one of my group and I saw was a leathercraft center called Best Leather & Fur. It is said that big European brands are also well known in the country, the leather material for their fashion products is taken from this place. 

Unlike the leathercraft center in Indonesia, which provides a variety of fashion products such as leather jackets that visitors can purchase, there is one uniqueness in this place.

When arriving, visitors will be invited to sit around the catwalk. Not long after, music accompaniment was heard, and one by one, the handsome and beautiful models walked on the catwalk wearing various leather clothes produced by this place. 

Shopping tour in Istanbul, Turkey

Wow, it’s like a private fashion show! Each leather jacket worn by a model on the catwalk will be numbered. This aims to make it easier for potential consumers to choose which model they want after the fashion show ends. 

After the fashion show, visitors will be directed to another room where various leather jackets and other products can be purchased. It’s just that when I saw the price, several colleagues and I were a bit surprised, because if it was converted to rupiah, then the price for each jacket could reach millions. 

The price matches the quality

However, there is no doubt about the quality of the materials and the neatness of the stitches. Then I imagined, if the textile or leather industry in Indonesia from MSME artisans was packaged by selling like in Istanbul, it would undoubtedly attract potential buyers both from within and outside the country. 

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