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1. Salwaa Dress

Dresses with exclusive lace and embroidery are a must for you to wear on your special occasion, like a Salwaa dress with exclusive lace on the chest that will make you look elegant and beautiful. There are also many choices of colors to choose from.

2. Rafika Dress

Graduation is the most awaited moment after struggling to pursue education. Of course, we want to wear something special. Jihan has a dress recommendation that suits the major you want.

Now for those of you who major in management, it’s suitable to wear a Rafika dress with a point of interest in sequins on the front to the shoulders that will make you elegant and beautiful. Because there are sequin sequins on the chest that will make you look feminine. and many choices of colors you want.

3. Layla Dress

Sister’s anti-complicated dress for breastfeeding. For those of you who want to go to an invitation or special event to wear clothing, you can wear the best seller dress, Jihan, a Layla dress with asymmetrical A breastfeeding position that still maintains the elegance of the sister dress.

This could be an option, sister, with a location on the front that will make it easier for sisters to breastfeed.

4. Sahara Dress

Ladies, for those of you who have plans for indoor or outdoor prewedding, Miss would like to give a couple of outfit recommendations suitable for pre-wedding with various themes.

If you want a casual piece, you can. If you wish to glamor, you can.Whatever your prewedding style, Jihan Dress is ready to accompany you and make you more harmonious and charming.

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