Bridesmaid Dress Color Inspiration That’s Suitable for Garden Party

It’s even more perfect!

Weddings are one of the most critical moments for both the bride and the loved ones. In general, the bride will choose some of her closest friends to serve as bridesmaids. In addition to being tasked with preparing the things that the bride needs, bridesmaids usually appear compact wearing matching colored dresses.

1. For outdoor weddings, you should avoid choosing colors that seem excited with excessive sequins. Soft colors such as pastel color combinations can be an option. Without excessive accessories, the bridesmaid dress is guaranteed to look elegant and charming.

2. Want to give a brighter atmosphere? Choose a bridesmaid dress with vibrant yellow color. Besides bringing positive energy, this color is believed to symbolize warmth. Perfect for pairing with a flower bouquet of the same color.

3. Give a dreamy look that matches the color of the sky is blue. To make it look more luxurious, rely on elegant satin or max mara fabrics. Garden weddings will seem more excellent with the choice of blue.

4. The color of the anti-mainstream bridesmaid dress, choose a beautiful watercolor color. Choose a floral motif to better match the outdoor wedding theme. Bridesmaids are guaranteed to look more elegant and feminine.

5. Colors that symbolize harmony, outdoor weddings are suitable to be paired with shades of green that blend with nature. To make it sweeter, bridesmaids can pair a beautiful flower crown.

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