8 Tips For Mastering Loud In Payday 2

Players of Payday 2 who do heists in the Loud style might want to know a few tips to keep the chaos under control.

Many of the heists in Payday 2 can be done in two ways: one is called “Stealth,” and the other is “Loud.” In the words of the man who made CRIME.NET, Bain, “Let’s get loud.” Most heists in Payday 2 like to go loud because it doesn’t hurt their knees or make them worry about who is guarding the next turn. In Loud, players are free to run around, shoot their guns, and cause a lot of killing until they are ready to get their loot and leave.

But some opponents make it harder than Stealth in Loud. Payday 2 heists who want a thrill should play on Loud, but there are some tips that can help players learn Loud and make it easier to survive the chaos so they can heist again.

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