7 Local Brands Will Fashion Show in Turkey, First Lady of Turkey Becomes the Audience

7 local fashion brands will hold a fashion show in Turkey.

akarta – Turkey is known as the world’s largest modest fashion market and supplier. That’s why seven local Indonesian brands will promote their products to Turkey. 

Through an event initiated by the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara and #Markamarie (known as an aggregator of modest fashion in Southeast Asia), namely Introducing Indonesia, seven Indonesian Muslim fashion brands will hold a fashion show in Turkey. 

The seven local brands are Elzatta, one of the pioneers of modest fashion brands. We are wearing Klamby, the brand with the highest engagement with 1.6 million followers, Jawhara Syari (a leading brand that focuses on shari’a style – completely closed technique), Tethuna (a brand that processes clothing in detail). 

Sulaman Karawo and supported by Bank Indonesia Gorontalo), Medina Zein (a modest urban brand led by entrepreneur Medina Zein), and two emerging brands Restu Pratiwi (focusing on office wear) and Hwan Eco Ethnic (a scarf brand with a unique ethnic design). 

As one of the founders of Markamarie and Modest Fashion Expert, Franka Soria, said, collaborating with the seven local modest fashion brands. “If we want to promote Indonesia, we must unite and choose ready brands. 

Indeed, we focus on ready-to-wear because they produce and are used daily. That’s why we are inclusive, and there are various brands. One of the leaders in Islamic style, modern ethnicity, urban looks, edgy looks to scarf brands with new motifs. 

Not only famous ones but ready-made brands. Everyone should get the same opportunity in one unit. This is Indonesia,” Franka said during a press conference webinar entitled Introducing Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Turkey, H.E Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, revealed the reason for holding Introduce Indonesia, which will be held April 7-8, 2021. 

According to him, Muslim fashion by Indonesian designers has excellent potential in Turkey. “Turkey is international trade, Middle East, North Africa, and even Central Asia. There are a lot of Muslim fashion lovers. It has huge potential. We aim to connect the centers of the two Muslim countries, Indonesia and Turkey, closer than ever before through this fashion diplomacy,” said Nabil Condet.

Fashion Show in the Middle of a Pandemic

Rami said it was not easy to hold a fashion show in a pandemic. But in this pandemic situation, fashion brands must also stay in the market. 

“It’s not easy to organize events during this pandemic, but we recognize that brands need activation to survive in the market. Events like this will trigger the market to become more resilient,” said Rami. 

Nabil Condet added that the fashion industry had three choices during the pandemic: quitting, working, or finding a middle ground. “This is the mandate of the Indonesian Embassy to fight for Indonesia’s interests in Turkey, one of which is economic interests, so we decided to keep going. But we still adhere to health protocols.

Moreover, the presence of the first lady will have safety checks and sterilization of everything visible. The day before the event, we will undergo PCR all,” he said at length. 

The fashion show of seven modest Indonesian fashion brands in Turkey will be held for two days. During the two-day fashion show, each local Muslim fashion brand will display five collections.

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