5 Famous Indonesian Muslim Clothing Designers to Overseas

Indonesian Muslim fashion designer

Hijab fashion trends and Muslim clothing are now increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia. Rows of names of Indonesian Muslim fashion designers are also popping up, say one of them is Dian Pelangi.

Besides Dian Pelangi, many other names of Indonesian Muslim designers whose works are known worldwide and even often appear in various international fashion exhibitions.

The success of Indonesian Muslim fashion designers at the global level seems to prove that Muslim clothing trends can compete with other fashion trends.

Rows of Famous Indonesian Muslim Fashion Designers

Indonesia should be proud because it has many talented Indonesian Muslim fashion designers at a young age.

Thanks to their works, Indonesian Muslim clothing is increasingly known to the world community. Then, who are they?

1. Dian Pelangi

The name Dian Pelangi must be familiar, especially for those in the fashion world.

Her real name is Dian Wahyu Utami, a woman born in Palembang, January 14, 1991, is one of the most influential Indonesian Muslim fashion designers in the fashion world.

She is the founder of the fashion brand ‘Dian Pelangi Fashion.’ There have been many collections of his designs exhibited in various fashion shows in multiple countries.

Since starting his career in the fashion world, this designer who graduated from the cole supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD) Paris has focused on designing unique clothing for Muslim women.

Thanks to the uniqueness of each design, Dian Pelangi is included in the list of the 500 most influential people in the world’s fashion industry by London’s Business of Fashion (BoF) magazine.

2. Ria Miranda

Indria Miranda or better known as Ria Miranda, is an Indonesian female Muslim fashion designer who focuses on trendy Muslim clothes.

The woman born in Padang, July 15, 1985, started her career and business in the fashion world from her hobby of designing clothes for her use.

Until then, Ria’s friends and closest people were amazed by the Muslim clothes she wore. From there, Ria’s desire to focus on creating Muslim clothing began to grow.

As the owner of the ‘Riamiranda’ brand, Ria is one of four Indonesian designers considered influential in the Muslim hijab fashion trend among Muslim women in the country.

Ria’s Muslim clothing explores many lines, pastel and girly touches that are feminine and have a strong character. This is what many hijabers like.

This Andalas Padang University graduate is also active in introducing his work through social media. He also formed a hijabs community and already has dozens of outlets spread across several cities in Indonesia.

Among them, the cities of Banda Aceh, Padang, Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Makassar and Surabaya.

3. Islamic Aprilia

For hijab fashion lovers, you should already know this young female designer, Islamia Aprilia Waskito.

At a young age, this beautiful woman, born in 1993, already has her label and has often appeared in various fashion shows, starting from Indonesia Fashion Week, Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair, and Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week.

The Islamia Aprilia fashion collection is synonymous with romantic, vintage, elegant, and pastel colors. Apart from domestically, Islamia’s works have also been known in Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia.

4. Bahita Mas’udah

Next, an Indonesian Muslim fashion designer has been widely heard among fashion trend lovers named Bahita Mas’udah.

Bahita Mas’uda herself has become an Indonesian designer. Even so, Ita, her nickname, managed to establish a fashion brand by Jihan Syakira in 2011 without the help of her parents.

Now, Ita handles three brands, one of which is collaborating with a young designer from Malaysia. Its designs have also been successfully exhibited in several countries, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

5. Zaskia Adya Mecca

The name Zaskia Adya Mecca must have been very well known in the entertainment world. Yes, Zaskia started her career as a soap opera artist. Until now, he has focused on developing the Muslim fashion business.

Zaskia built her brand called ‘Mechanism,’ which presents women as relaxed, stylish, and can still be worn every day.

Well, that’s a row of names of talented Indonesian Muslim fashion designers. Is one of your idols?

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