15 Best Straight Swords In Dark Souls 3

Most Straight Swords in FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 3 aren’t as good as they could be, but the best ones are great.

Straight Swords are one of the most common types of weapons in Dark Souls 3. Most of the time, they have a fast attack speed, a good range, a variety of moves, and good scaling with some upgrade options. Some parts of the normally hard single-player game can be easy with these noble blades, and Dark Souls experts can use them to become dangerous threats in PVP.

But it should still be said that a weapon’s real strength is in the power it gives to the person who uses it. This means that a weapon’s usefulness depends on the player’s personal preferences, reflexes, and knowledge. There are a few that stand out in this way because they have unique qualities that give them surprising but very welcome benefits.

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